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Ashley’s gifts allow her to connect with the energy of those that have crossed over and that of the living. Whether booking a zoom call, phone call, or in person appointment your reading will be highly accurate filled with evidential messages from your loved ones that bring closure, healing and love. 

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patricia - Ontario

I had a reading with Ashley this week and she is amazing. I highly recommend her. She's got so much personality, she brings in spirit so gently and is so kind. We were able to bring in my Mom, whom I miss so much but I now know how she is. My Dad whom I now know is dancing again and an old friend of mine. Yes Ashley I have started seeing lots of Dragonflies. The best reading I have ever had. I'll be back

Sophia - California

“Ashley is a force I had never seen in real life. Angelic in nature is the only way of describing it. Skeptics turn into believers and healing on a spiritual level occurs when you allow Ashley to connect with spirit. Modern, authentic and 100% love & light. “

Muhammed - india

Incredible and talented...! Highly recommended

Amanda - ontario

Wow! I have been taking in my reading all week. If I hadn’t believed in mediums before I sure do now. Every single thing that was said to me through Ashley was spot on from spirit of my birth father ( absolutely no social media or research could have given any information on him) to my dog which was remarkable, because what my daughter wanted to do to honour him was spoken about not an hour before. And frankly a little unconventional. I highly recommend Ashley and look forward to another reading.

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