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About Ashley

Ashley is a Psychic Medium who resides in the small town of Hillsdale, ON Canada with her husband, five children and two dogs. 

Born a natural 3rd generation medium Ashley knew since childhood she was gifted. Her connection with Spirit was ever so present but it was not until later years that she sought out development training with world renowned mediums. 

Ashley brings a fun loving energy to her work/passion, with her authentic ability to connect and deliver evidential messages of your loved ones in spirit. 

Her unique psychic ability to hear, sense, feel, know, smell and even taste help Ashley deliver heartwarming, comforting messages. Clients find her delivery to be “ Angelic in nature”, “authentic”, and come from a place of love.

My Story

What clients are saying

Gilberta - Kansas 

I am very impressed with the connections she made for me. My understanding of spirit was expanded beyond just talking with loved ones.  She connected with someone I'd rather not have come forward but it may have been the most important message I received.  Ashley is very professional but also very sweet. It's like chatting with a long time friend that you've never met! I highly recommend you purchase a reading for yourself.  Thank you, Miss Ashley!

What a beautiful gift she has connecting with loved ones and spirit. I absolutely have to say this was so reassuring to know she's still with me. She even brought up the roses which at my wedding I had chosen a rose to place on a chair in honor of my mother. My mother had had red and white roses at her wedding so in honor of her those were my wedding colors. So the roses were very significant as to my connection with my mother that evening. Five stars I give this wonderful woman I can't recommend her enough.

Tricia - USA 

Wow, amazing reading from you Ashley!! So many things said through you that should have been said years ago!! I will definitely be doing another reading in about a month! I highly recommend you for anyone that needs answers, reassurances or just some love from their loved ones.

Gale - British Columbia

 Hello Everyone, I had a reading & messages from Ashley today she has so beautiful gift she can connect with loved ones, spirits, guides and Angels. She explains everything in all details to make us comfortable.  Ashley is so amazing all the messages she give me were 100% accurate (correct) thank you so much for your beautiful message and your precious time. 
Take care

Sky - Central America


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